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Tax Refunds

Where tax has been overpaid it can be reclaimed at the end of the tax year OR during a tax year if you are leaving the UK before the end of the tax year. You can claim back as far as six tax years. Tax years end on 5 April.

ISS cannot give you tax advice or claim tax refunds on your behalf. However, we can offer a few guidelines on this process. You may either wish to use the services of a Tax Refund Agency or apply directly to HMRC for your refund.

Tax Refund Agencies will charge anywhere between 5% and 18% of your refund for completing a few forms. However, you are able to lodge a refund application for free yourself by calling HMRC or following the instructions on their website:

You can find all HMRC contact information for queries below:

Please note that ISS will send you a P60 after the end of the tax year if you are still employed with us, or a P45 when your employment ceases. These are official tax documents and if any P45's or P60's are lost, they cannot be reissued. However you can find a Statement of Earnings, a sufficient replacement document, on your Financial Position page after logging in to your online personal ISS account.

Disclaimer - ISS is not able to assist you in completing a Tax Refund or Self Assessment return and does not assume liability for any inaccurate or incomplete information, nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon. The information we have provided above is a guideline only and you should seek independent advice if you have any further questions.

Self Assessment Click here for information about self assessment.